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About Us

Mblashandbrows belongs to the beauty salon Miami Beauty located in Roeselare. The salon offers a wide range of high quality services.

Eyebrow micropigmentation Styling with henna Styling with paint Laser tattoo remover Lashes Extensions Lamination Lashes Lip micropigmentation Mani pedi Epilation with sugar Professional makeup.

Official Distributor

The initiator of the project, Cristina Horvath, specializes in henna styling, eyebrow micropigmentation, lip eyeliner, laser tattoo remover. 2 championships won 3rd place America powder brows 1st place Dubai camouflage correction.

In order for a service to be of quality, in addition to studies in the Academy, it is also necessary to use No. 1 quality products Official distributor in Belgium of BrowXenna Premium eyebrow products.