BrownXenna – #110 Graphite Concentrate


BrowXenna® Henna for eyebrows is the first henna in the world specially created for eyebrow tinting. It is a fine powder that is diluted with BrowXenna® Mineral solution to obtain a coloring mixture. BrowXenna® Henna colors not only the hairs, but also the skin, allowing to create any shape of eyebrows and cover the old tattoo if necessary.
BrowXenna® Henna benefits:
Phenomenal color fastness: up to 14 days on the skin, up to 6 weeks on the hairs.
Strengthening and nourishing the hairs.
A unique combination of natural ingredients: Lawsonia, Indigo, Amla, Shikakaya, Hibiscus and Tea Tree.
A wide palette of shades for any type of appearance.

#110 Graphite concentrate
The concentrate is used to darken henna shades or to achieve a cool shade. Concentrate cannot be used separately from basic henna shades!

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How to use:
Before coloring
Сleanse the eyebrow area with BrowXenna® Shampoo-foam for deep cleansing of eyebrows. If there is a flaky skin, use BrowXenna® Enzyme brow scrub. Wash off any residue of BrowXenna® Enzyme scrub / BrowXenna® Shampoo-foam with a BrowXenna® Two-phase tonic for henna washing off.
Mixture preparation
Shake the bottle!
In a non-metallic container, mix BrowXenna® Henna powder with BrowXenna® Mineral solution.
Add more BrowXenna® Henna or BrowXenna® Mineral solution as needed to obtain the desired consistency.
Eyebrow tinting
With a flat, beveled brush (for example, BrowXenna® Brush superfine №2) apply a thin layer of the dye on the eyebrows, distributing the composition over the skin and hairs. Observe the uniformity of tinting.
Use up to three layers to achieve a rich mark on a skin.
Be sure to wait until the previous layer is completely dry (≈1–3 minutes) before applying the next.
When completely dry, remove BrowXenna® Henna with a cotton pad moistened with BrowXenna® Two-phase tonic for henna washing off. Do not leave the dried composition on the eyebrows to avoid overdrying of the skin and hairs. Do not try to remove BrowXenna® Henna «dry», it will shorten the wear time and injure the skin and hairs. Do not rinse off BrowXenna® Henna with oils, this will significantly shorten the wearing time of the dye on the skin.
For the final look, use BrowXenna® Styling soap or BrowXenna® Eyebrow lift and fix gel.
See more detailed instructions in the package.


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